Matching Butterflies

We were walking around the garden the other day, and Alex chased a couple of white butterflies. “Mum, the butterfly is drinking a nectar from that yellow flower! I’m going to catch it!”. This gave me an idea for an activity to find the matching butterfly patterns while also learning about different species.


Age: 18 months +

I used 12 different species of plastic butterflies but you can modify it to your child’s age. Obviously, if your child is younger maybe you can start with a smaller combination then gradually add more patterns.

This activity helps enhance his visual discrimination to help him become more aware of the distinctive features of an object such as shapes, pattern, colours, size, and so on. Such as simple activity will influence their learning down the track when they learn about different letters, numbers and geometric shapes.



    1. Print and cut out the butterflies picture of your choice.

    2. Cut out little velcro and stick it onto the A4 paper.

    3. Cut the butterflies in half and stick some velcro at the back.

    4. Cut out some pictures of the butterflies with their name as a guide for your child.

    5. Let’s play matching game!


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