Music & Dance

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Me and Alex have always love to listen and dance to music. Today is no different, he asked to listen to a song called “Wash Your Face in Orange Juice”. It’s just a silly song, but he likes the rythm the funny lyrics and. We took out his toy instruments and started to play along with the music. Played it slow, fast, loud and soft. Then we drop everything and dance to the song. All you need is some music and some toy / pretentd “instruments”.

Recommended for children age 6 months and over.

When young children are consistently engaged with music, there’s lots of benefit to their development. They build the spatial-temporal and reasoning skills required for mathematics and science. By moving and dancing to music and playing simple instruments, they improve their gross as well as fine motor skills. They gain the phonological processing, spoken language and comprehension skills which are important for reading skills.


  • Any instruments you have at home
  • Or you can use pots / pans always a winner!
  • Children Music CD


  1. Let the children explore the instrument, they can shake it, bang it, rattle it, and so on. You could extend it by showing them fast / slow beat, loud / soft etc.
  2. Turn on the music.
  3. Don’t forget to dance away to the music with your children too! It is so much fun!!

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