Watch The Garden Grow

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Alex has been showing interest in plants, seeds and flowers for a while. In my previous post, you’ll see him eagerly arranging Daffodils we bought in the market.

Gardening is not my forte to be honest. Everytime I tried to grow things, the end up dying. This is me trying to step out of my comfort zone now because Alex is so keen. One weeekend we decided to head to the nursery and chosoe some flowes and seeds to grow. So here we are, tryin to grow something on small pots.

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Through this activity Alex learns basic concept of plants and soil. Enhances his motor skills through digging, pouring and watering. It also introduces new senses and textures through playing with dirt and soil. Gardening also teaches him about basic cause and effect. He also learns to be responsible for looking after each plant.

After a few weeks, our plants and grass seeds are starting to grow. Yay!

Recommended for children age 18 months and over. Extra supervision required if you have a toddler that still put things in their mouths.


  • Seeds
  • Potting mix
  • Pots
  • Gardening tools
  • Water
  • Gravels
  • Permanent Markers
  • Clear empty cups


  1. The night before, we try to decorate the empty clear cup with some permanent marker. (I chose clear cup so that when it starts to grow, Alex would be able to see the roots in the dirt).
  2. Put the gravels on the bottom of the pot to make sure that the water drains really well.
  3. Scoop some potting mix into the pot, and pour some seeds. Cover it with a bit more potting mix.
  4. Water it well. And watch it slowly growing.

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