Rainbow Colours Explosions

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Here is another fun way to play with vinegar and bicarb soda. Powdered food colouring are hidden amongst the bicarb. When you squirt some vinegar, the colours starts to explode. It looks quite impressive.

Suitable for children age 2 years and over with very close adult supervision.

To learn, children needs lots and lots of hands-on experiences to develop their own understanding of the world surround them. But during early years, their brains aren’t prepared to handle tasks that require them to sit still and focus their attention for long period of time. Activities that are interactive and grabs their attention makes it easier for them to focus and concentrate. In this activity, bubbles and explosion of colours are very interesting. As an educator or caregiver, our job is to provide appropriate environment for the child to explore and discover the answer to their own inquiries. Here I provide him with some materials that he could explore something interesting and be inquisitive.

This would help him to develop critical thinking as well as encourage him to investigate the cause-effect relationship. Some of the questions created during the experiment were: What if I put more vinegar? How is it feel to touch the bubbles? What happens when it overloaded the container? What if I pour the orange into the red colours? etc.


  • Food Colouring Powder of rainbow colours
  • 16 tablespoons of Baking soda / Bicarbonate Soda
  • A bottle of vinegar
  • Oven Tray to cater for the overload liquid
  • 7 empty small containers


  1. Put 7 empty containers on an oven tray.
  2. In each container, pour 2 tablespoon of bicarb soda then sprinkle some food colouring powder.
  3. Then cover with 2 tablespoon bicarb soda again.
  4. Let the child squish the bottle of vinegar and found lots of different colours exploded.

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