Aluminium Foil Resist Art

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Resist art technique is creating layers and effect using incompatibility of two mediums. In this occasion we’re using paint, aluminium foil and masking tape. Start with placing masking tapes randomly on a broad sheet of aluminium foil. Use fingers, paint brush and even your feet to make shapes, patterns with a mix of colours.

Recommended for children 2 years and over. It can be done with children under two by replacing the paint with the home-made edible finger paint,

In this activity children can explore different colours and observe how they mix.  Sensory wise, using hands/feet they can feel the different textures and sensation from foil, tape and paint. “It feels cold, mummy!” said Alex. Trying to walk on it he almost fell down a few times. Giggling, he said: “Come on, mummy! You do it! You do it! Wwwwoooowww…”.  Make sure you prepare towels and a bowl of clean water nearby in addition to a messy mat.

iphone2014 1558iphone2014 1585iphone2014 1611

As you can see, he uses his tactile sense as he feels the paint with his feet and hands. It encourages him to use more descriptive words when he describe how it feels & looks. I didn’t originally planned to use our feet, it was Alex’s spontaneous idea to walk on the foil. Thankfully we didn’t made too much of a mess. But it was fun. Messy, but fun.



  • Child-safe water based paint
  • Aluminium foil
  • Masking tape



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